Picture of St. Martin's Church

Features of the Church

The Church is a light, airy, single-storey building, with accommodation for about 100 people, and has recently been completely re-furbished. The seating now comprises comfortable upholstered individual chairs, with separate kneelers. The new Altar is of pine, and beautifully carved. Behind it, against the rear wall, is the Priest's Chair . The Tabernacle is elevated on the right of the east wall, with the Sanctuary Lamp nearby. The Crucifix is of course in the centre. The Font stands at the right of the Sanctuary. Around the walls are the Stations of the Cross, and on the west wall is a plaque showing St. Martin. The Sacristy is to the right of the church at the Sanctuary end. Behind the church is a walled garden, with a large patio.